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Soccer world championship 2010 as a silent film? Yes, we´ll do. Switch off the loudspeaker and the blabla, open your ears for an exciting music with Peter Kleindienst, guitar and G.B. on piano and violin. They´ll accompany a film they havn´t seen before : Southafrica versus Uruguay. The music comments the shots and guides them into the goal - with Maradonna´s helping hand. One thing is clear: there will be no draw, only a victory or a desaster. 16/6/2020

Vera Irewebor is finishing a documentary about famous Hollywood child star Diana Serra Cary, called Baby Peggy. The music is work in progress by Guenter.

Guenter A. Buchwald is invited to the first silent film festival in Shanghai, China from 22-24 oct 2010. The festival is under auspices of famous chinese actress Qing Yi.